These Wrinkle Patches Are the Most effortless Approach to Decrease Scarcely discernible differences as You Rest

Dermatologists have plenty of suggestions when it comes to preventing wrinkles at night, like sleeping with an anti-wrinkle pillow, using retinol, or applying a night cream. But what if the best way to conquer fine lines overnight wasn’t expensive anti-aging serums or uncomfortable sleeping positions, but a silicone patch.

It sounds too good to be true, but that’s the idea behind SiO Beauty Patches. They’re made with flexible, medical-grade silicone that adheres like a second skin to wrinkle-prone areas, like the face and neck. When applied, they create a unique environment that draws moisture to the surface of the skin. This process—known as occlusion by scientists and doctors—causes the skin to plump up and smooth out to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
The best way to think of the patch process is like lip plumper: It’s not actually filling your wrinkles permanently, but temporarily altering their appearance. As a result, it takes just 2 hours to see the wrinkle-reducing effects of wearing a patch, but longer-lasting results occur when they’re worn overnight for 6 to 8 hours.

Of course, it’s not just the temporary payoff of these patches that have customers obsessed. They also deter future wrinkles by compressing the skin to stop any movements, folds, or creases as you sleep. Similar to preventive botox, the lack of movement ensures you’re not breaking down collagen in the skin with friction or expression, which your skin struggles to repair as you age.
The most fascinating part of the wrinkle-reducing patches is they don’t need any harsh chemicals or hard-to-pronounce ingredients to work. In fact, the self-adhering patches—which took 4 years and 180 prototypes to perfect—are optimized to work on clean skin without the help of serums, moisturizers, or creams. Plus, they’re completely reusable and can be applied up to 12 times when properly cleaned and stored between uses.

Although they’re available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the body, neck, and face—your best value option is the SiO Facelift ($50; The multipack includes a pair of Eye and Smile Lift patches along with one BrowLift and one NeckLift, and it comes with an optional subscription that drops the price by $10. Naturally, the popular kit option already has Brook Shields’ stamp of approval along with over 160 perfect 5-star reviews and counting.
Among the satisfied shoppers were reviewers that said their skin looked 10 years younger after one use and others that raved it left their skin unbelievably smooth to the touch. One even went so far as to claim the patches make it look like they’ve actually had botox.

“Miraculous,” another reviewer wrote. “I have tried countless wrinkle-smoothing products and methods over the past 10 years. Even though this seemed ‘too good to be true,’ I tried it. The results from just 1 use were unbelievable [and] lasted the entire day. Once I started using it on a regular basis, I found that the full results lasted longer and longer. Now that I’ve gotten used to seeing the younger version of me again, I would never try any other nighttime beauty regimen!”

Between the before and afters and rave reviews, it’s easy to see why 85% of users in a clinical study by SiO claimed they would use these patches over injectables, lasers, or fillers. They’re chemical-free, low-maintenance, and affordable compared to many pricey skincare products or procedures. Plus, the patches legitimately give you smoother, younger-looking skin overnight. What more could you want? We know, wrinkles are inevitable. But reducing their appearance and slowing down the effects of aging doesn’t have to be painful or expensive. Botox injections, meet your match. Self-adhered wrinkle patches and tape are taking the place of going under the needle, and they’re targeting all wrinkle-prone areas from those dreaded “elevens” down to your décolletage. While the results won’t last for months at a time like injections, they’ll do the trick for the hours that follow and have lengthier benefits with consistent use. We’re willing to bet our

Made with silicon and oxygen, these patches are ultra-lightweight and keep skin hydrated. Plus you’ll feel the tightening, which means they’re working!
SiO has gotten a ton of buzz since coming onto the beauty scene with their revolutionary wrinkle reducing patches targeting cleavage lines. Now you can snatch up patches designed to target any wrinkle-prone area!
Going under the needle can be costly, so even at a high price point, consider this product a great botox alternative.
Use in conjunction with the Inhibit High Definition Serum to further reduce expression lines.
You can do anything for 10 minutes… including visibly reduce fine lines on your forehead and around your smile.
Made of medical-grade plastic tape, these patches aren’t stiff and uncomfortable like many paper versions and they stay put once applied.
Absolutely will not spend one night without these. While I still have my frown line, it is 60% improved with these beauties. These are the one beauty thing I would take with me on a remote island. They are that good. Again, they aren’t Botox, but they are a great runner-up.
The triangle shape allows for versatility in the application whether you’re targeting crows feet, between the brows, cheeks, laugh lines, etc.
On the hierarchy of gimmicky beauty products, wrinkle patches — sticker-like sheets that purportedly fade fine lines and wrinkles overnight — seem pretty near the top. Nevertheless, they might just have some merit: wrinkle patches, particularly those made of silicone, address two primary causes of fine line and wrinkle formation.

The first is dehydration. (Dehydrated skin isn’t plump and smooth; instead, it’s crepey and etched.) Patches made from silicone, and silicone-adjacent materials like cellulose, combat creepiness by drawing moisture to the skin’s surface, thereby giving it a plumper appearance. Moreover, these materials are occlusive, so they prevent moisture from escaping overnight. The result: plumper, smoother-looking skin come morning.

Secondly, wrinkle patches can, ostensibly, flatten the skin and restrict the muscle movement (albeit not entirely, and only while you’re wearing them). According to science — and, anecdotally, my boyfriend’s propensity for knitting his brow at 2 a.m. — many people’s facial muscles are prone to mid-slumber movement, particularly during REM sleep. So, even if you stay poker-faced during the day, your muscles might have other plans come bedtime. Add that to the fact that your skin loses moisture overnight, and the concept of “beauty sleep” seems a sham.

Wrinkle patches, on the other hand? Not so gimmicky after all. Below, shop the best facial patches for wrinkles — from heart-shaped stickers for your decolletage, to “micro-needling” wrinkle patches spiked (quite literally) with retinol.

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